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NukedSpam Tutorial Transcript

Welcome to PMCS’s Demonstration.

Nukedspam is the antispam/antivirus service that we offer to our clients

First go to Nukedspam.Com – I have it preloaded already on my password manager so it will automatically fill in my username and password. is what you need to type and it will bring you to this; enter in your email address and password and hit “login.” Your email address and password are the same email address and password as if you were logging in to your outlook account.

We do not host anybody’s passwords, all passwords that you enter online are verified by the mail server that your email is hosted on and only the passwords that are verified by the mail server will be allowed to log on to

So Nukedspam basically is up-to-date email trap capabilities so let’s say someone sends you an email just a few minutes ago and it will trap it and you’ll be able to see it up to date.

So right now the last time it looks like someone sent me junk email was at 2:49pm and it’s 4:02 so I guess I haven’t received any junk email for a couple hours.

If I wanted to release this email because it might be something that I want I can just click on that and say “release mail” or if I never want emails from this individual to get trapped I can click “release and trust.”

“Delete and block” is something I generally don’t use because if it’s already in here in fifteen days the system’s automatically going to delete it or I’m going to clear it out after I review the whole thing and I generally don’t block people because most spam emails are spoofed emails that are using fake email addresses so blocking an email address is sometimes unnecessary. The only time to block email is if you know that individual’s email address to be accurate and you don’t want emails from that person so you’d say “block” – otherwise there’s no point.

There are three icons up above, one is “Check Mail,” “Blocklist,” and “Trusted List.” The Trusted List is where “release and trust” emails are sorted so the next time someone sends you an email it’ll look in the trusted list first and if that address is in the trusted list it will allow it to go through.

However you don’t want to just trust anybody and everybody and you want to be very careful when you say “trust” because you’re building a list to make sure that your emails flow cleanly and you don’t want to trust email that you shouldn’t receive. Also do not trust your own company’s email because your own company’s email should not go through this. If your own company’s email is in here chances are that it isn’t your company’s email, it’s been spoofed, so you don’t want that, the system knew what it was doing, it trapped it, just let it go.

In any case, you can release it, release and trust, and you can also block. That’s the functionality of Nukedspam. You can also see your emails that are trapped in here in a safe manner.

So if I wanted to see this email in here without having it go to my mailbox that’s what I would do.

So right now if I wanted to see this email I can take a look at it and see if there’s anything in there that I want. Obviously I don’t want any of this. And “continue reading” you see how it’s blue there, that’s a link and if it came to your mailbox the links are deactivated so it’s no longer going to allow you to somewhere that you didn’t want to go to unless you release it and you tell it to go to your mailbox. At that point you can see it in your mailbox.

In one day I received 137 messages. I am thrilled  that I don’t have to see 137 messages in my inbox on any given day and I can delete them all at the same time right here by saying “clear all” and it’ll get rid of everything in my mailbox.

I don’t want to do that, I’ll let it go right now, but at the end of the day after I’m done reviewing it it’s better to clear it out so you don’t have to deal with it the following day and again and again because this could very easily grow to be a huge number. In fifteen days at 130 a day we’re talking about over fifteen hundred junk emails the system stopped in fifteen days and I don’t want to read these 1500 emails all at the same time. On a daily basis it’s worthwhile.

In any case, I hope this was useful. This is, thank you for watching.

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