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PACLAC – Getting the Job Done

PACLAC is a tight-knit team of employees working remotely. Since 2015 PMCS has ensured that they have stable, reliable remote access to team documents and ready-to-go tech support if they call us with any issues. Their requirements don’t call for a great deal of hardware implementation, but do demand stable, reliable remote access and easy-to-use collaborative workspaces. PMCS has worked hard to create and efficient, user-friendly solution to PACLAC’s specific needs. 

We are a small nonprofit organization in Tarzana. We are so grateful to have found PMCS. An amazing team led by Gary Emirkhanian, who is very understanding of our needs. We had major issues before engaging PMCS and none since. Very willing, knowledgeable, cost effective and helpful. Gary is an example of a fantastic leader, as he leads by example. If the staff is busy he steps in and takes care of the client's needs. We love PMCS. - Aida Simonian, General Manager PACLAC