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SIG Property Management – Management Minded

PMCS has partnered with local property managers SIG PM for over ten years and have worked to help their business grow. As the property market has taken off in the last few years, SIG PM has grown tremendously and needs an MSP that is responsive to their ever-changing needs. PMCS works with SIG PM regularly to stay on top of flexible software licenses as well as to provide sturdy, sleek hardware for employees who spend a lot of time in the field.

I have been using PMCS for our business for many years now. It is a little scary to have to rely on a company to protect and maintain all the data that makes your company run. We tried a few companies prior to finding them with limited success. PMCS however, has always been there to take care of the needs of our office. They have helped to guide us as our operations have grown. They are available to come to the office or assist remotely which comes in very handy sometimes. I have also referred other people to them as well who have been equally satisfied. I would encourage anyone to call Gary and his friendly staff at PMCS. – Mike Shaar, owner of SIG Property Management