Microsoft Office 365 Multi Factor Authentication Activation

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) is one of the many tools available to you to protect yourself from identity theft and compromised credentials.

The principle behind MFA is simple: a service verifies your identity against a known quantity (cell phone, landline, alternative email) before you are able to log into your account. You are probably familiar with this concept through the services you already use online everyday – Amazon will send an MFA email to you when you attempt to log on through a new device, Google may text you a code to check that it’s really you trying to change your password.

This simple tool is one of the very best ways to ensure that nobody can access your important business accounts except the authorized users.

Microsoft Office 365 has announced that as of August 2020 it is going to be mandatory for all Office 365 users to have working Multi Factor Authentication to log into their Office 365 accounts. Microsoft is providing a free authentication service that can be installed as an app on your computer or cellphone so that all user logins can be immediately verified with a few simple clicks.

At PMCS all of our technicians have been trained to help you with this simple process and are available to assist with getting your users ready to use MFA well before the August deadline.

Please call today to schedule an appointment for one of our technicians to activate MFA for your Office 365 and keep your business safe.

June Special – Save $25 on a New Monitor

Upgrade your office, toss out those last few CRT screens, and streamline your desk with this sleek 21.5″ monitor.

This widescreen Acer is bright and clear, and features VGA, DVI, and DisplayPort inputs that will work with almost any business desktop computer.

This monitor comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty that ensures you don’t lose out on time and money with a consumer-level one or two year warranty.

Call us for questions, or to request a quote for your new monitor upgrades at (818)957-5647

From June 11th to June 30th save $25 with the purchase of a new Acer 21.5″ Monitor, discounted from $150 to $125. No per-customer limit, prices available as long as supplies last. Purchase must be made by the last day of June 2018. $125 price does not include taxes and fees mandated by the state of California.

Amazon Fire 7 Raffle – Win a Tablet

Christmas has come early – PMCS is giving away 3 brand new Amazon Fire 7 Tablets and you have a chance to win! Our raffle is during the Montrose Christmas Parade, and all our friends, followers, and PMCS partners are welcome to join us for a bit of holiday cheer. You’ll have a chance to ask about our services, talk to our talented technicians, and see what PMCS is all about AND you’ll have a chance to win a brand new Amazon Fire 7 tablet!

PMCS has been serving Montrose and the surrounding communities for nearly 35 years. We want to take the time to say thank you to the wonderful folks who make this city such a great place to have a business, so this is a gift from us to you. We want to meet Montrose residents and have a chance to say hello and say thank you for supporting us for all of these years.

The raffle will be open to the public at the Montrose Christmas Parade on December 2nd. Join us on 12/2/2017 from 6pm to 8pm at 2525 Honolulu Ave in Montrose to enter. We’ll be handing out hot chocolate and cookies to get into the spirit of the season, so even if you don’t get a tablet, everyone is a winner.

How to Enter

Entrants must be 18 years or older. To enter fill out our entry form with your name, email address, and phone number. Then enjoy the parade, have a cup of cocoa, and wait for the announcement of the winners on Monday.

The drawing will take place on Monday, December 4th, and winners will be announced on PMCS’s Facebook, Twitter, and our blog. Winners will need to appear in person to claim their prize. Winners will be photographed at PMCS and entry into this raffle is permission for PMCS to use your photo in PMCS promotional materials and social media posts.

All month is Black Friday – November Specials from PMCS

For the whole month of November PMCS is offering special savings to our customers. Beat the black Friday rush and kick Cyber Monday to the curb: we’ve got you covered for 30 days of sweet savings and awesome offers.

Take your pick of one or all of the offers below for the whole month of November, and stop back each week for details on the products on special.

Business Specials

Free network assessment for businesses
Find out the state of your network – is it running efficiently, do you have too many licenses for your users or not enough? Would your office benefit from a wireless access point, would a guest wifi system benefit you and your customers? PMCS can answer these questions, an in November we can answer them for free! Let us know if you’re interested in a network assessment and we’ll put together a custom profile for you, letting you know where you might benefit from added services or where you’re paying too much.

As an extra bonus customers who ask for a free network assessment and sign a one-year Proactive Maintenance contract with PMCS will receive a FREE long-range wireless access point to bring your business to new heights, a $150.00 Value!

Free server assessment for businesses
Does your server seem slower than it used to? Could it be a bigger, badder, faster machine? We can tell you! Ask for a free server assessment in November and we’ll make recommendations that will protect the health, longevity, and productivity of your biggest business asset. We’ll check your warranty protections, disc utilization, and see if we can get you a great deal on RAM to make your server the lightning fast beast it should be.

Home Use Specials

$20 off purchase of ESET Smart Security for Home Use
Keep your computer protected from online threats with ESET’s award-winning antivirus product. ESET is known industry-wide for their lean, efficient, effective antivirus. Smart Security uses fewer resources on your desktop than most other antiviruses, letting you get great protection without slowing you down. They update their virus definitions constantly to keep you protected from the newest threats.

$20 off a desktop tune-up and virus check
Make sure your desktop is in tip-top shape with a tune-up and virus check. We’ll run our security scans to insure your computer is free of infection, see if you could benefit from a RAM upgrade or hard drive replacement, blow out all the dust that might be slowing down your fan, and make sure your computer is in the best shape it can be.


Double Partner Referral Rewards in November

Through all of November our partners can double the reward for our partner referral program; if a client you refer signs a contract with PMCS you will get $250 credited to your account after their first year of service.

ESET Cyber Safety Special 10/24/2017-11/30/2017

As ransomware Bad Rabbit has been making waves online today PMCS customers have been breathing a sigh of relief. ESET was among the few antivirus companies to catch Bad Rabbit in its tracks right off the bat, and that’s part of why PMCS always recommends ESET Antivirus to its customers.

What’s this virus?

Bad Rabbit is a form of ransomware that encrypts your computers hard drive and asks you to pay in bitcoin to have your data decrypted. The ransomware is disguising itself as a legitimate software update for programs like Flash before infecting your system. Bad Rabbit is similar to the NotPetya ransomware that swept the globe in June of 2017.

Users are infected only by clicking on the installer at watering hole sites and downloading the program, so be cautious about what you’re clicking and if you’re ever not sure if a site is safe you can call PMCS at (818)957-5647 to ask if you think a website might cause an infection.

How do I keep my computer safe?

You should always keep safe surfing practices in mind: don’t open attachments from unknown senders, don’t click on links you don’t recognize, only download updates from websites you trust, and always always always use a secure antivirus program. This won’t prevent 100% of infections, but a solid antivirus will save you a lot of headaches.

So what’s this special?

To celebrate the strength of ESET’s Antivirus capabilities AND to encourage our customers to bulk up on their personal computer security PMCS is offering a discount on ESET Smart Security for home use from now (10/24/2017) until the end of November.

Come in to our office to have us install a brand new license of ESET Smart Security for $20 off the retail cost. While you’re here ask about having your computer checked for viruses or let us know if you’re interested in a backup system to secure your data.

The internet is a scary place and threats are around every corner, but PMCS and ESET are here to keep you safe.


July Only Sale – Lenovo Laptop at a great price

If you’re in need of a new laptop, you’re in luck. For July only, PMCS is offering a great deal on Lenovo 15.6” laptops while supplies last.

The Lenovo Thinkpad Edge 560 is a rugged computer with a large, clear screen, a numeric keypad, a water resistant keyboard, and a one-year warranty.


  • Intel Core i5 Processor
  • 4GB RAM
  • 500GB Hard Drive
  • Windows 7 Professional
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • 4.9 pounds

Perfect for home or student use, great as a backup for the office, or handy for travel the Thinkpad Edge 560 is a versatile laptop that works with any lifestyle.

The sale price is $550.00 plus tax, for an additional $70 upgrade to 8GB RAM or for $130 upgrade to 12GB RAM.

Call to request a quote or place an order (818)957-5647

This is a fantastic laptop for students heading off to college, buy it now, before they run out!



HP Server Trade-In Opportunity


HP is currently offering a server trade-in/buy-back special to customers who are ready to upgrade their servers. From now until October 31st any PMCS customer who wants to buy an HP Proliant G9 server has the opportunity to benefit from this HP program to get a significant savings on their new server.

Here’s how it works: PMCS will quote you an HP replacement server that meets your needs; after doing so we will also assess your old server, determining what parts it has installed and what condition it is in. PMCS will report this information to HP, who will send back a trade-in estimate that PMCS may be able to apply as a discount to the cost of your replacement server. Once you have approved the purchase of the new server PMCS will place the order, install the new server, and decommission your old server. We will then have HP pick up the old server at no cost to you.

Additionally if you qualify to use an HP OEM Windows license we can get you a $100 discount to be applied to the purchase of your new server software.


  • To qualify for this program you must own a Windows Enterprise server. It does not have to be an HP server but it does have to be a server with a Windows Server license installed.
  • You must ship your used server in its current condition to HP: this means that we cannot pull hard drives or transfer the license from an old server to a new server, though we can erase confidential data from the drives before shipping it to HP.
  • You must be purchasing a new HP Gen 8 or Gen 9 server.
  • To qualify for the HP OEM Windows discount you must be purchasing the license before July 31st
  • To qualify for the HP Server Trade-in deal you must have approved the purchase of a new server before October 31st
  • To qualify your server must meet the minimum specs of the part number as originally purchased (so if it came with 8GB RAM from the factory it won’t qualify if it has 4GB RAM now).

If you have any questions or are interested in a quote from PMCS for a replacement server, please give us a call at (818)957-5647 or reach out to us through the contact page and ask about the HP Server Trade-in deal so that we can get started on getting you savings! This is a fantastic deal that offers you the best price for your current hardware, so if you’ve been thinking about replacing your server now is the time.

April Special – 50% Off ESET Smart Security for a safer browsing experience


Everywhere you turn on the internet you find threats – emails with malicious attachments, ads with malicious programs, spyware that tracks your keystrokes, adware that slows down your computer, and even ransomware that can destroy everything on your hard drive. It’s hard to stay safe but there are programs out there that can help and at PMCS we are antivirus experts.

As a special offer to our valued customers this April we’re offering you 50% savings on security. ESET Smart Security is a dynamic, lightweight antivirus solution that affords a professional level of protection for home and business users alike.

Many antivirus programs will slow your computer down, using up resources in the background and hogging bandwidth. ESET Smart Security is a nimble package that makes intelligent use of resources, updates virus definitions frequently, and has an easy-to-use console that warns of of threats in real time.

In April we are offering a one-year subscription to ESET Smart Security for $30, a 50% savings off MSRP. ESET is a great program and we recommend it for all of our home users and business customers. With a strong antivirus installed you can browse securely, knowing that you have top-of-the line technology protecting your computer from viruses, spyware, malware, and ransomware.

To learn more about antivirus programs, ask questions about ESET Smart Security, or to take advantage of this special and have ESET installed on your device give us a call at (818)957-5647 to set up an appointment.

Like all antiviruses ESET is not protection against every attack, zero-day exploits will always be a threat, and we recommend safe browsing practices to protect yourself from threats that antiviruses are not updated to defend against. The PMCS ESET Smart Security Special is available from PMCS from 4/1/2017 until 4/31/2017. It is good for the purchase of one new license of ESET Smart Security per device and up to four licenses per customer. This ESET subscription is good for one year and will need to be renewed one year after initial install date.