Home Services

Computer Repair

If you’re experiencing computer problems or just need help getting everything set up properly, look no further. We can diagnose and treat a wide variety of problems on your home computer at competitive rates and with professional competence. Give us a call if you have questions or to schedule an appointment for us to diagnose a problem. In shop and onsite visits are available.

Hard Drive Replacement

Replacing a hard drive

Hard drives are frequently one of the first parts of a computer to fail because they are a mechanical device as opposed to a silicon chip. While hard drives are a basic part of most desktop computers, their high operational speeds and heavy use mean that they have a short lifespan; an average of three years. If your computer is more than three years old,  or running slower than normal, or clicking while you are operating your device, there’s a strong chance that your hard drive is being pushed to its limits and might fail.,. Replacing a hard drive is one of the least expensive ways to extend a computer’s lifespan. Call us to see if a hard drive replacement would help you.

Wi-Fi and Internet

Home Wireless Options

Wi-Fi is one of the most asked-after services we offer, but is also one of the most unreliable and frustrating technologies to configure at home. We understand the bottlenecks, slow-downs, and headaches that can come with getting wireless working. We can help you to analyze and asses your current setup to improve your connectivity or we can recommend a more cost-effective, fast, reliable solution to meet your needs.

RAM upgrade

Adding RAM

As professionals we often see computers that are sluggish or underpowered because they do not have enough RAM installed for the operating system and applications. At PMCS we’ll research and install optimal amount of RAM that’s an exact match for your device to maximize performance  and keep up with your busy life.

Desktop and Laptop computer upgrades

Improving your machine

As your computer ages it will have trouble keeping up with new technology, routines, and softwares being implemented online each day. While it’s impossible to make a computer last forever we can at least give it a shot! There are many options available for improving your computer’s performance. Call PMCS for your free consultation today.

Computer Services

Virus Removal

Cleaning up a Virus

Let’s face it, viruses are out there to take advantage of your vulnerabilities and cause as much financial or personal hardship as possible.  Running a simple antivirus scan won’t do the job when your computer has been infected – a virus will replicate itself, hide and delete other files, go dormant to hide from scanners, and pop up again when you least expect it. At PMCS we don’t just run scans, our professionals are trained to recognize computer behaviors and find hidden infections the normal virus detection cannot see. We have a suite of heavy-duty scanners and debugging tools at our disposal, and will even manually remove infected files if one of our cleaning programs can’t secure it. If you need a virus cleanup instead of a desktop reinstall it’s better to leave the manner to professionals, and we’re here to help.

Malware, Spyware, and Adware Cleanup

Removing Malicious Software

Computer viruses aren’t the only threats to your system. Malware, spyware, and adware are malicious programs that don’t attack your data but that will slow down the performance of your computer, track your computer use, and hijack your computer with annoying and time-wasting advertisements. These pernicious programs are sometimes overlooked by virus cleanup programs and can make using your computer a frustrating experience. Our skilled technicians help to remove these threats on a daily basis and can get your computer back to working the way it should. Call us for a consultation to see what your options are if you’re dealing with Malware, Spyware, and Adware.

Hard Drive Backup and Recovery

Saving your Data

We at PMCS would prefer to prevent data loss rather than spend time and money in recovering your most precious data.  To protect against data loss or damage from viruses PMCS recommends a robust backup system. We can help you to back up your current data and also provide regular backups to protect you from future loss. If your hard drive has failed our knowledgeable staff will guide you through with all of the options that are available to recover your most precious asset, your data.

New Computer Setup

Getting your device ready to go

Computers are delivered from the manufacturer with programs you don’t need and preferences you don’t use, we’re here to help you avoid that headache. If you’ve ordered a new computer we have a set of standards that make it a snap for us to remove unnecessary add-ons, set up your preferences and shortcuts, and even install your computer in your home, hooked up to all of your peripherals so you don’t have to worry about which driver is the best or if your new device will communicate with your network. Give us a call, whether you need a simple in-store setup or would like a home visit and installation, and we’ll tell you what we can do for you.

Data transfer

Moving information from one computer to another

Migrating your files from an old computer, a backup drive, or an array of devices to a new piece of hardware is a major hassle. Simply allow PMCS to do the work for you, making that process a walk in the park!

Computer Checkup and Tuneup

Regular maintenance

Over time computers can slow down due to registry issues, get cluttered with duplicate files, get their fans clogged with dust, and fall behind in updates and standards. Call us and ask about a Tune-up to check your computer out, blow out the cobwebs, and make sure your computer is running at its best. An annual computer checkup and tune-up can help you to ensure that your device is working optimally and stays running for as long as possible..

Other Home Services

Desktop, Laptop, and Tablet Sales

Great products for home use

Whether you need a new computer for your home base or are looking for an on-the-go option PMCS has you covered. We are proud resellers of HP, Lenovo, Dell, and Microsoft and are here to help you configure the system that best fits your need. Our business-class devices all include at least a one-year warranty and are sturdier than they typical offerings you can find at big box computer stores. Give us a call for a quote or to learn more about the devices we have available.

Home Network Configuration

Custom networking for you

Setting up a home computer network can be a tricky task. Rather than deal with tangle cables, unknown error codes, and wonky wireless give us a call and let us handle the hassle for you. PMCS has been installing, improving, and upgrading home and office networks since 1983 and has the expertise to set up the network that meets your needs.

Office 365 sales and management

365 for Home

Why purchase Office 365 from PMCS? We have been an award-winning Microsoft partner for decades and are here to help. As a Microsoft partner we can deliver the same services to you with additional benefits of local support company without any additional cost. Whether you need an Office 365 Business Essentials license for your home office or 1000 Enterprise seats for your business we have the technology and the know-how to migrate your emails, contacts, calendars from your current mailbox or exchange server without missing a beat.  Call to request a quote today.

ESET Antivirus for Home Users

Excellent protection, easy management

ESET Smart Security is one of the best products for home antivirus protection available on the market today. With virus definitions updated daily, a lean profile that won’t slow down your computer, and a price-point that will make your wallet happy there’s no risk – give us a call to ask about a quote on ESET Smart Security Antivirus for Home.

Remote Computer Support

Get help without leaving the house

Call us for remote help with antivirus issues, email, popups, and much more. Our technicians will guide you through the process of setting up remote support so that we can ensure your computer is running well, or so that we can pinpoint any issues you may be having that would require a home or office visit from one of our skilled technicians.

Home Visits

Convenient service for your busy life

If your printer is too heavy to heft down the stairs, your home network is acting up, or your new computer needs to be connected to your home setup give us a call. PMCS has skilled technicians who make setting up your system a snap on a visit to your home or office. Trained to deal with Apple, PC, Printers, and WiFi our technicians can help you solve almost any problem you’re running into online.