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Industries Served

Industries Served

We know that your business isn’t like your neighbor’s business. A small retail shop and a large engineering firm have different needs, different customers, different vendors, and different equipment in their environments. PMCS has been working in IT for decades, which has given us ample time to work with hundreds of businesses in dozens of industries. We know about the unique demands and specific needs of businesses in industries like:


Aerospace engineering calls for an unusually high degree of security, carefully planned user access, a significant amount of processing power, rock-solid backups, and high-class hardware. PMCS is proud to work with several members of this field and can provide the industry-specific support that you need.


We know that Architects need more RAM in their desktops and more speed in their networks. We can help to make sure that your shared files are always just a click away and that your station never stalls out on another render.


Auto shops have to worry about everything from proprietary diagnostic tools to a hazardous working environment. PMCS can help you find the hardware that will stand up to your everyday demands and will talk to every reader and scanner you’ll find in the field.

Construction & Trade Services

Construction isn’t known as a lightning-fast industry, but we’re aware of the demands of an active build site and the communication needs of experts working in the field and outside of the comfort of a cushy office. We can help with temporary server environments, 5G connected devices, and instant, secure access to the plans you need to get your job done.

Community Development

If you are working within with sensitive and marginalized communities it is vitally important to protect the information you’re handling. PMCS is aware of the sensitive nature of these types of projects as well as the budgetary constraints that are one of the realities of nonprofits.


Smart technologies are an increasing part of every classroom and connectedness is more important now than ever. PMCS can work with you to ensure that you have fast, reliable internet access for your student population as well as the modern tools you require as educators and the security mandated of educational institutions.


An MSP is important to Engineering in a number of ways, from ensuring secure, stable backups to providing the software that allows your team to coordinate to finding the right technology solution to let your designers work collaboratively and quickly instead of spending their time waiting for a project to load. PMCS can also help to develop a security plan that is compatible with standards for Federal Contractors and train your employees about the targeted digital threats that they need to watch out for.


Whether you’re in front of the camera or sitting in a studio, technology is a big part making the magic happen. PMCS has worked with many entertainment clients to ensure that they have the security they need to protect their IP as well as the best equipment for everything from editing to archiving.

Event Planning

Coordinating doesn’t have to be a headache when you’ve got the right tech supporting you. PMCS can help you get the communication, documentation, and allocation tools you need.

Food Service

Not only are we experts with servers and desktops, we know our way around hosting stations, credit card terminals, and PoS software. Your busy restaurant doesn’t have the time to deal with crashing pay stations or unreliable phones, and PMCS can help.

Financial Services

Stay at the cutting edge of technology to meet the fast-paced demands of your business. Get the peace of mind you need from our dedication to securing your data and making sure it’s always available when you need it.


The most important tech consideration for healthcare providers is HIPAA compliance, and we are experts at helping healthcare providers meet compliance standards for confidentiality and security. Beyond that, we can source all the document scanners, desktops, and lightweight computers you need to build your practice into a modern office.

Legal Services

We are very sensitive to the needs that law offices have in terms of security and storage. Lawyers are legally liable for a high degree of security and discretion, and PMCS can help to provide the environment that you need to keep client data safe from online threats and accessible for your office.

Property Management

Mobility and reliability are the most important ways that we can help property management firms. Ensure that your employees can work where they need to and aren’t stalled out waiting for access or documentation when they’re onsite.

Real Estate

Work securely from anywhere. Reliable remote services are more important in Real Estate than they are in other fields because Real Estate is uniquely dynamic in terms of travel while also handling very private information that needs to be carefully secured. PMCS can help to build a plan that will keep you safe on the go and make sure you’re never caught without the information you need on hand.


Retail Sales involves a careful balance between providing secure access to a large number of people who may generate high turnover while also keeping systems simple enough to satisfy customers and safe enough to protect the information that they share with your business. PMCS is experienced at working with small and large retail concerns and ensuring that your employees are up and running without downtime and without the undue risks of too much access. We work with a number of products, from password managers to PoS systems, which can give you granular control over the security in your workspace.


Travel has been a tumultuous industry in the last few years, and PMCS has rolled with the changes as our customers have experienced massive shifts in practices and volume. We can help you to build scalable solutions that will weather a crisis and we can ensure you are secure, stable, and productive when boom cycles happen in busy seasons.

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