Security Services

Security Services

Security is a vital component of IT infrastructure in a business environment, necessary for everything from protecting your financial data to guarding client information and keeping your network clean and safe. PMCS offers a variety of IT Security services that will allow you to focus on the work you need to do while secure in the knowledge that your business and clients are safe.

Dark Web Monitoring

In an era of breaches and security breakdowns you can improve your security by being proactive. Dark Web Monitoring is a service that allows you peace of mind as your user credentials are tracked and you are alerted to any threats if they are exposed in a breach.

Compromised credentials (usernames, email addresses, and passwords that have been leaked in a breach or otherwise shared) are a tremendous risk. They can lead to a loss of functionality, productivity, and data. Compromised credentials can lead to ransomware infections, identity theft, and illegal intrusions to your network.

Our Dark Web Monitoring service continually scans databases of exposed credentials online to make sure that your users aren’t operating with compromised usernames and passwords. If your credentials are exposed we can make sure that you’re protected as soon as possible.

For a free Dark Web Scan and assessment call PMCS at (818)957-5647

Email Encryption with Office 365

Email has historically been a weak point in many IT security strategies. Email was never initially created to be secure and so keeping communications private was a secondary consideration. In order to implement a comprehensive security policy the vulnerabilities of email need to be addressed. As such we offer a range of flexible encryption solutions to Office 365 clients.

Security Awareness Training

A network is only as secure as its weakest component, and the weakest component is almost always the user.

Most people who use computers are trained on how to operate the programs they need but are almost never educated on security practices or how the computer itself works and the ways in which their environment is vulnerable.

PMCS offers customized Security Awareness Training that is tailored to your needs. Training options include:

  • Web-based interactive security training
  • Simulated Phishing Tests
  • Educational Security Presentations
  • E-Books and Security Study Kits customized to your needs

For more information or to schedule a Simulated Phishing Test please call us at (818)957-5647

Password Management

Protect your business from data loss, downtime, and compromised assets by providing a secure personal password manager for your employees’ logins. A password manager will allow your employees to use securely encrypted, safely stored, complex passwords without worrying about forgetting a long list of passwords or keeping them scribbled on a post-it note.

Simple passwords are easy to crack, complex passwords are difficult to remember. Solve that age-old security risk by using a password manager to protect your business and your clients.

Email Filtering

PMCS email filtering cuts viruses, malware, and phishing schemes off at the source. Our custom email filtering software, which we have been hosting and maintaining for over 18 years, is hosted at our datacenter and provides a strong safety net that keeps malware out while letting business in. Potentially risky emails come through our servers before being delivered to you so spam never slows your office down. A scheduled quarantine report shows you what the filter is catching, and our accessible website allows you to log in and examine whatever is caught in the filter whenever you need to. PMCS has everything you didn’t know you’ve been missing in an email filtration service.

Two-Factor Authentication

Stay safe from illicit logins by having your employees use two-factor authentication (2FA) to verify their login attempts. We offer a variety of secure 2FA options to verify login attempts and make sure that malicious actors, previous employees, hackers, or crackers can’t access your server.