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All month is Black Friday – November Specials from PMCS

For the whole month of November PMCS is offering special savings to our customers. Beat the black Friday rush and kick Cyber Monday to the curb: we’ve got you covered for 30 days of sweet savings and awesome offers.

Take your pick of one or all of the offers below for the whole month of November, and stop back each week for details on the products on special.

Business Specials

Free network assessment for businesses
Find out the state of your network – is it running efficiently, do you have too many licenses for your users or not enough? Would your office benefit from a wireless access point, would a guest wifi system benefit you and your customers? PMCS can answer these questions, an in November we can answer them for free! Let us know if you’re interested in a network assessment and we’ll put together a custom profile for you, letting you know where you might benefit from added services or where you’re paying too much.

As an extra bonus customers who ask for a free network assessment and sign a one-year Proactive Maintenance contract with PMCS will receive a FREE long-range wireless access point to bring your business to new heights, a $150.00 Value!

Free server assessment for businesses
Does your server seem slower than it used to? Could it be a bigger, badder, faster machine? We can tell you! Ask for a free server assessment in November and we’ll make recommendations that will protect the health, longevity, and productivity of your biggest business asset. We’ll check your warranty protections, disc utilization, and see if we can get you a great deal on RAM to make your server the lightning fast beast it should be.

Home Use Specials

$20 off purchase of ESET Smart Security for Home Use
Keep your computer protected from online threats with ESET’s award-winning antivirus product. ESET is known industry-wide for their lean, efficient, effective antivirus. Smart Security uses fewer resources on your desktop than most other antiviruses, letting you get great protection without slowing you down. They update their virus definitions constantly to keep you protected from the newest threats.

$20 off a desktop tune-up and virus check
Make sure your desktop is in tip-top shape with a tune-up and virus check. We’ll run our security scans to insure your computer is free of infection, see if you could benefit from a RAM upgrade or hard drive replacement, blow out all the dust that might be slowing down your fan, and make sure your computer is in the best shape it can be.


Double Partner Referral Rewards in November

Through all of November our partners can double the reward for our partner referral program; if a client you refer signs a contract with PMCS you will get $250 credited to your account after their first year of service.

HP Server Trade-In Opportunity


HP is currently offering a server trade-in/buy-back special to customers who are ready to upgrade their servers. From now until October 31st any PMCS customer who wants to buy an HP Proliant G9 server has the opportunity to benefit from this HP program to get a significant savings on their new server.

Here’s how it works: PMCS will quote you an HP replacement server that meets your needs; after doing so we will also assess your old server, determining what parts it has installed and what condition it is in. PMCS will report this information to HP, who will send back a trade-in estimate that PMCS may be able to apply as a discount to the cost of your replacement server. Once you have approved the purchase of the new server PMCS will place the order, install the new server, and decommission your old server. We will then have HP pick up the old server at no cost to you.

Additionally if you qualify to use an HP OEM Windows license we can get you a $100 discount to be applied to the purchase of your new server software.


  • To qualify for this program you must own a Windows Enterprise server. It does not have to be an HP server but it does have to be a server with a Windows Server license installed.
  • You must ship your used server in its current condition to HP: this means that we cannot pull hard drives or transfer the license from an old server to a new server, though we can erase confidential data from the drives before shipping it to HP.
  • You must be purchasing a new HP Gen 8 or Gen 9 server.
  • To qualify for the HP OEM Windows discount you must be purchasing the license before July 31st
  • To qualify for the HP Server Trade-in deal you must have approved the purchase of a new server before October 31st
  • To qualify your server must meet the minimum specs of the part number as originally purchased (so if it came with 8GB RAM from the factory it won’t qualify if it has 4GB RAM now).

If you have any questions or are interested in a quote from PMCS for a replacement server, please give us a call at (818)957-5647 or reach out to us through the contact page and ask about the HP Server Trade-in deal so that we can get started on getting you savings! This is a fantastic deal that offers you the best price for your current hardware, so if you’ve been thinking about replacing your server now is the time.