PMCS has been helping large businesses, home computer users, and everyone in between since 1983.

No job is too big or too small for us. We are here to help.

PMCS is your computer and technology company. We provide services and support to help any size business adapt and grow. We work hard to keep your servers, PCs, networks and more running smoothly and efficiently. Unlike other technology companies, we never lose sight of our goal of helping you accomplish whatever you want and need to do.


PMCS – Trusted IT Provider local to Los Angeles – Serving the community since 1983

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  • June Special – Save $25 on a New Monitor

    Upgrade your office, toss out those last few CRT screens, and streamline your desk with this sleek 21.5″ monitor. This widescreen Acer is bright and clear, and features VGA, DVI, and DisplayPort inputs that will work with almost any business desktop computer. This monitor comes......

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From the Blog

  • Sextortion Scam threatens you with passwords lost in Data Breaches

    There is a new kind of e-mail based scam that is targeting internet users. It’s called the Sextortion Scam and it works like this: you get an email from someone claiming to have logged into your account and installed malware, they say that they have......

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