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Free IT Assessment

Find out what your network really looks like with a free, comprehensive IT Assessment from PMCS. In this assessment we will:

Perform network discovery procedures to let you know what, exactly, is lurking on your network.

Test your perimeter and scan for open ports, burned credentials, and known vulnerabilities that might make your business a tempting target for bad actors.

Identify the lifespan and lifecycle of your major infrastructure to lay out a roadmap to your future so you don’t end up with any nasty surprises from obsolete hardware.

Construct a license management plan to optimize your workforce and ensure you’re getting your money’s worth on subscription services

Recommend updates to any services or devices that aren’t providing you the coverage that you need

This free network assessment is an $800 value that isn’t a hard sales pitch or any kind of sneaky deal; it’s just an honest, open look at what you have and what you need with no high pressure tactics behind it. Our free network assessment comes with some recommendations, and might well save your business from a catastrophe, but has no strings attached.

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