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Security Tools

Safety First

Your security is our priority. PMCS is a security-focused MSP and we want you to be our security-focused partners. It is our goal to ensure that your employees from mail clerk to CEO have access to security training and a comprehensive suite of software implemented to keep them safe. To see where your business stands, click here to schedule a free network security assessment.

Managed, Monitored Endpoint Antivirus

ESET Endpoint Security and Antivirus is the industry-leading antivirus product due to its light load on your machines and its frequent threat definition updates. Beyond the fact that ESET is an excellent, proactive manufacturer, the antivirus is maintained through a monitoring console that our technicians observe as a part of their daily routine. Any threats that show up on your computer also show up on our console so that we can reach out and address the threat before any harm comes to your network.

Credential Control

With the ever-present threat of data breaches from massive vendors, credit card processors, and even the government, it’s important to keep an eye on your credentials. PMCS uses DarkWebID to monitor your domain and your employee credentials so that we can notify you the moment your credentials are identified in a breach and take immediate steps to mitigate the risk of having your credentials sold on the dark web.

Password Smart

Everyone knows that passwords are important, but everyone also knows how hard it is to remember long, complex, secure passwords. PMCS takes that frustration out of your hands with the use of a managed password manager that offers you the security of a big company and the convenience of your local computer shop. A managed password manager allows for extremely granular control of the password vaults that your employees have access to and also solves the biggest problem with password managers: what do you do if you forget the password to your password manager? If you forget your password all that you need to do is verify your identity with PMCS and we can grant you access to your vault. A good password manager is an excellent, easy-to-use password tool with cross-platform support and maintenance at a local level; we offer all of these benefits with none of the downside of a complicated, tedious configuration.

NukedSpam Email Security

Filter out threats before they hit your inbox with NukedSpam Email Filtering. NukedSpam offers customized levels of filtration and one-click access to the spam screening inbox, but most importantly it protects users from themselves, sandboxing threats to keep you safe. Every link clicked in an email is security screened by NukedSpam before the user is directed to the link destination. NukedSpam checks for threats and stops users before they can be directed to malicious sites or open virus-containing attachments in their inboxes.

Authentically Yours

Multifactor Authentication (sometimes known as 2-Factor Authentication) is an increasingly necessary tool in your arsenal. Multifactor Authentication allows for secure verification of your logins with a trusted provider to ensure that hackers and attackers can’t log in to your devices and services without verification from an authenticator. Authenticators are secure, portable, and convenient ways to verify your identity and prevent intrusions into your systems. PMCS uses secure, multi-factor authentication as an access tool that will protect you and your customers while satisfying the increasing requirements for secure logins that many business insurance providers now demand. We are experts at configuring all sorts of authenticators from Duo to Microsoft to Google to custom solutions that use physical tools to authenticate your employees.

Secure, Monitored Backups

Backups are your first and best line of defense in the event of a security disaster. With a monitored backup plan from PMCS we will ensure that you’re always ready to bounce back from an attack or an encryption that threatens your environment. Learn More

DNS Filtration

Linkjacking – the process of sending a user an inauthentic link to get them to click on something that looks safe but is actually dangerous – is responsible for up to 70% of business systems infection risk, and DNS filtration can eliminate that danger from your environment. Keep your employees safe without having to lift a finger. DNS filtration blocks access to know-dangerous sites, protecting your employees from link-jacking, phishing, and malicious sites. It’s easy to remember not to open attachments, but it can be hard to know that you’re always typing the correct address for a site, or that the link you follow points to what it says it does. Through up-to-the-minute updates and a world-leading list of blocked IP addresses, DNS Filtration eliminates the worry of clicking through to a dangerous site.

Automatic Employee Security Training

Test and train your employees. Employee mistakes are the primary cause of data losses and fraudulent payments to phishing attacks. Make sure your employees know what to look for and how to respond in the event of a phishing attack targeting your business. We will create automatic interactive campaigns that not only test readiness, but that also provide comprehensive education for any employee who is a point of risk. Cybersecurity training is a requirement for business insurance these days; train your employees and keep your insurance costs low.

Sign Up for a Security Audit

Do you know what your business looks like to a hacker or cracker? Do you know what openings thieves see when they scan your ports? If you don’t know, PMCS can tell you. Sign up for a free security assessment and PMCS will do a thorough, in-depth scan of your network to see what vulnerabilities are waving red flags. We have a suite of comprehensive tools that looks at your patching schedule, network connections, user access issues, and known vulnerabilities so that we can quickly and efficiently tell you what risks you’re facing. This free service is available with no obligation, simply sign up and we will schedule a zero-cost security audit and present a mitigation plan for your consideration.