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Century Dental – Smiles all around

PMCS has worked with Dr. Campbell and his staff at multiple franchises over the years as the business has grown and changed. Secure coordination between offices is an important consideration for medical providers, and PMCS works to ensure that Century Dental is able to use their specialized imaging equipment and securely share patient information. We have handled everything from major projects to desktop support calls in our long relationship with Century Dental, and look forward to many more years of collaboration.  

PMCS has brought us through an epic challenge moving and converting our 40 years of data with full security and confidence. The planning and execution were challenging, yet they handled it with deliberate professionalism and excellence. When other vendors provided reluctant support and limited implementation efforts, it was PMCS who made the process work. You put your heart and soul into your business. It’s nice to have a partner who matches your commitment and delivers competence. – Dr. Campbell, Owner of Century Dental.